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Yield Maintenance Mortgage Calculator

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Commercial Loan Calculators
Commercial Mortgage Loans
Commercial Mortgage Loan Yield Maintenance Calculator
Original Loan Terms     Input Fields

Loan Amount


Term to Maturity

   Years  Months

Amortization Term

   Years  Months

Interest Rate

Prepayment Terms      

Time Remaining to Maturity

   Years  Months

Minimum Prepayment Penalty


Equivalent Yield of Remaining Term Treasury


Calculated Penalty


Minimum Penalty


Prepayment Penalty

*Interest calculations based on 30/360 day calendar year

**Disclaimer: Crefcoa's yield maintenance calculator is used to help estimate a potential prepayment penalty based on a yield maintenance prepayment formula. This calculator should not be relied upon for final decision making. Contact your commercial mortgage lender or servicer to determine your actual yield maintenance prepayment penalty.