Micro Equity Series Commercial Mortgages

Filling a niche between bank lending and hard money commercial lending.

Micro Equity Series Loans

A Better Way To Get A Small Balance Commercial Mortgage Loan

The Micro Equity Series™ is a small commercial loan program targeted towards borrowers that are unable to obtain traditional bank financing due to:

  • Self employed
  • Loan size
  • Prior financial hardships
  • Property type
  • Great option for non-bankable borrowers
  • Perfect for self-employed borrowers
  • Rates higher than bank rates but lower than hard equity rates
  • Cash out refinance with cash out to be used for debt consolidation, tax lien or property repair/renovation
  • Tax return challenges
  • 25-yr fully fixed rates / no balloons / no resets
  • 4-6 week closings
  • Exception based underwriting
  • Non-traditional property types

Micro Equity Series Program

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