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Purchasing? Get Prequalified.

Negotiate and purchase with confidence with a no cost property and sponsorship evaluation.

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How can we help?
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Commercial Mortgages

Negotiate and Purchase with Confidence

Purchasing a commercial or multifamily property? Let Crefcoa help you negotiate and purchase with confidence by providing a no cost, no obligation property prequalification and evaluation.

Simply provide some basic information about the property and one of our commercial real estate analysts will evaluate the property and provide you with a detailed property prequalification and analysis.

  • No cost property evaluation
  • Quick, easy and accurate
  • Determine program eligibility
  • Know how large of a loan the property will support
  • Expense analysis (are expenses inline with market)
  • Cap rate evaluation
Get Started Today!

Get started with Crefcoa today!

It's quick and easy to get started with Crefcoa. Simply complete the online Quick Quote loan request summary and we will assign a commercial mortgage specialist to your request who will provide you with a no cost property analysis and prequalification.