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Multifamily Loan for Life™

Preserve the integrity of your multifamily investment for generations with Crefcoa's Multifamily Loan for Life.

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The Crefcoa Multifamily Loan for Life™

For multifamily investors with a long term hold investment strategy, the Multifamily Loan for Life program eliminates interest rate and refinance risk preserving the integrity of your investment. Our clients select this option for a number of reasons, but most commonly due to retirement planning, wanting to pass the asset on to future generations, or as an exit strategy (loan is assumable so in a rising interest rate environment the property's financing becomes a major benefit to the new buyer).

  • Lock in your investment's return with up to 30 year fixed rate terms.
  • Eliminate interest rate risk and exposure.
  • Eliminate refinance risk and cost with no balloon or call provisions.
  • Ability to access equity through supplemental financing -- borrow up to two times in the future without having to refinance or trigger a prepay penalty.
  • Changes or transferring of title with lender approval.
  • Assumable should you sell.
  • Loan is non-recourse.
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Multifamily Loan for Life™ Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines
  • Up to 30 year fixed rate terms
  • 80% maximum LTV for purchases and debt refinances
  • 75% maximum LTV for cash out refinances
  • 1.25 minimum DSCR
  • $750,000 minimum loan size with no maximum
  • Available in all 50 states
  • 90% minimum occupancy
  • Loan is non-recourse subject to standard carveouts
  • Interest only available
  • Loan is assumable subject to lender approval
  • Yield maintenance prepay (step down available with a premium to the rate)
Eligible Property Types
  • Stabilized 5+ unit multifamily, condos, town homes, co-op, residential/commercial mixed-use, properties with up to 80% tenant concentration, Section 8 (tenant based). Properties with separate tax ids must be contiguous with no fractured ownership.
  • Properties with a HAP contract or other LURA are eligible subject to additional underwriting requirements.
  • Property with greater than an 80% tenant concentration (student, military, corporate) are eligible subject to special risk underwriting.
  • Mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities with 50 or more pads.
Documents Required To Obtain A Quote
  • 2 years and year to date P&Ls for the subject property
  • Current rent roll
  • Capital expense summary (if applicable)
  • Interior and exterior photos
  • Offering memorandum or marketing package for purchases
  • Personal financial statement and schedule of real estate owned for all key principals
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Visit Crefcoa's home page to learn more about all of our commercial loans and apartment loans. Crefcoa is a commercial real estate finance company providing commercial real estate loans nationwide. Program availability may vary depending on property type, state, population, economic conditions, exposure, and other variables that may negatively influence risk. Program rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.