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1031 Exchange Calculator

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1031 Exchange Calculator for Commercial Real Estate
Our 1031 exchange calculator will help you to determine the tax deferment you will realize by performing a 1031 tax exchange rather than a taxable sale on your commercial property or multifamily property.


Original purchase price ($):
Capital improvements ($):
Accumulated depreciation ($):
Sales price ($):
Selling expenses ($):
Federal capital gains rate (%):
State capital gains rate (%):
Mortgage loan balances at sale ($):


Net adjusted basis:
Capital gain:
Depreciation recapture (25%):
Federal capital gains tax:
State capital gains tax:
Total taxes due:
Gross equity:
After-tax equity:
Sale reinvestment (after-tax equity X 4):
Exchange reinvestment (gross equity X 4):
Disclaimer: Crefcoa's 1031 exchange calculator is used to help estimate the deferment realized by performing a 1031 exchange rather than selling the property and incurring a taxable event. This calculator should not be relied upon for final decision making. Contact a qualified 1031 exchange company, certified accountant, tax attorney or other qualified professional to fully understand the tax benefits and consequences of performing, or not performing a 1031 exchange.