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Small Balance Plus™ Commercial Loans

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Commercial Mortgage Loans
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Small Commercial Loans
Crefcoa can help. Our Micro Equity Series program provides commercial mortgages for self employed borrowers or borrowers with credit challenges.

Why Choose Small Balance Plus Commercial Mortgage Program

Crefcoa's Small Balance Plus™ Commercial Mortgage program offers you several unique benefits that you will not find with any other commercial mortgage program. Below you will find the features and benefits that have made Small Balance Plus™ a true industry leader.
30 Year Self Amortizing Terms
Maximize and manage your monthly cash flow with loan terms up to 30 years.
Low Fixed Rates
Small Balance Plus offers borrowers that aren't able to obtain traditional bank financing an alternative to the high rates charged by traditional hard and soft equity lenders. Rates start as low as 3% above the WSJ Prime rate.
Up to 80% Leverage
Up to 70% leverage on the senior mortgage and 10% on a subordinate second, Small Balance Plus provides higher combined leverage than most banks and other alternative lenders.
No Balloon Payments
Most commercial lenders include balloon payment features in their loans which require borrowers to pay off their commercial mortgage early, generally in 3 to 10 years. A balloon loan will force you to spend thousands of dollars in closing costs and go through the entire loan process again. It could also mean risking a higher cost loan if interest rates have risen. Even worse, if you are in the midst of difficult times in your business or have vacancies in your property, you run the risk of not qualifying for a loan renewal with your lender.
Less Paperwork
With a simplified, residential style approach to underwriting, many of the documents traditional commercial lenders and banks require are eliminated saving you time and aggravation. No most cases, tax returns aren't required.
No On Going Financial Reporting Requirements
Once your loan is closed and all payments are made on time, that's it, no more financial information needs to be supplied. Imagine the time you will save, as well as avoiding the typical financial covenants associated with most commercial mortgages. Covenants are legal obligations concerning the future financial strength of your business. This means that losing a tenant or experiencing a tough business period could put you in default on your commercial real estate loan, even if you are current with your monthly payments. The commercial mortgage may become due and payable as a result.
48 Hour Conditional Commercial Mortgage Approvals
No loan committees requiring document after document and weeks to review and decide on your loan request. Simply provide Crefcoa with the basic commercial loan document requirements, and we'll notify you within 48 hours if you are approved.
30-45 Day Closings
With a streamlined loan process, Crefcoa strives to close your loan in 30-45 days.
Low Closing Fees
Crefcoa can save you thousands of dollars in closing fees and costs by charging no point options, low processing fees and no lender legal costs. In addition, we accept existing surveys, use a bid management process to order the appraisal and generally not requiring a full environmental assessment.
Assumable Commercial Mortgage Loans
If you're thinking of selling your property in the future, enhance the marketability of your property to potential buyers, accelerate your closing time frame, and even save your buyer money by allowing the buyer to assume your loan.
No Banking Relationship Required
Commercial loans and apartments loans availability under the Small Balance Plus Commercial Mortgage program may vary depending on property type, state, population, economic conditions, exposure, and other variables that may negatively influence risk. Minimum loan size varies depending on asset type and location.


To determine if your property is eligible for financing under the Small Balance Plus program, complete the Quick Quote loan request summary and one of our commercial mortgage specialists will determine eligibility.

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Crefcoa provides borrowers with a simplified way to obtain commercial mortgage loans and apartment building loans through standardization and a product driven online platform. Visit our home page to learn more about all of our commercial lending options.